5 Awesome Python Modules

Python is arguably the best programming language. There are many reasons that support this claim. Most notably is that it’s capable of “literally” doing any thing. Hence the demand for Python developers has skyrocketed.

So in this article I’m going to introduce you to five awesome Python modules that are easy to learn and can incorporate into your projects.

1. Arrow

Arrow is a Python library that is provide powerful features to manipulate, formate and convert Time. If you ever created an advanced app you probably had worked with Time, specifically Timestamps. Timestamps is easy to work with only from the point of view of a programmer. However, when it comes to displaying time to users, it’s impossible to use Timestamps and expect the average user to understand it. Therefore, by using Arrow you will be able to format your time however you want to display it to users. Of course, feature available in Arrow library are not limited to formatting time. There are tons of features that you can tap into.


2. PrettyTable

PrettyTable is a Python module that helps you create tables and display them in your terminal. If you work with terminals and CMD (command prompt) then you know how terrible it is to display data there. It’s almost impossible to read data from a terminal, let alone analyzing it. Therefore, by taking advantage of Python’s PrettyTable module you will be able to display data in pretty designed tables and you will be able to pull off that easily and without any need to learn an advanced library.


3. Requests

Making HTTP requests is inevitable if you wanna create advanced web app. It’s almost impossible to not make HTTP requests at some point in the stages of developing your app. Therefore, by using the Requests module provide by Python you could do that with only a line of code. Can you believe it! Python’s popularity gained from its easiness to write code. Even non-programmers can learn it and start creating simple apps. I’d highly recommend taking a loot at this requests and start playing around with its functions. You can also take my course Learn 5 Awesome Python Modules if you wanna add more Python skills to your CV.


4. Colorama

If you like working with terminals/CMD then this tiny library is definitely for you! As the name suggests, this tiny library is used to changes colors of your terminals, background colors, text colors, as well as styles. It’s so simple and easy to learn as it’s a very small library and it contains a few functions but it’s awesome for Python terminal programmers.


5. FuzzyWuzzy

Manipulating strings/texts is super painful if you rely on Regular Expressions. Don’t get me wrong, regular expressions are super powerful, however, they’re also unbelievably hard to learn, let alone to apply its concepts/functions. Therefore, if you wanna kind of avoid regular expression, at least for now, in terms of comparing strings then you have got to learn FuzzyWuzzy. It’s extremely simple to learn and will provide you with the feature of comparing strings.


In conclusion, Python has hundreds of open source modules that you can learn and incorporate into your project. The good news is that you don’t always have to reinvent the wheel because guess what? a lot of things have already been created and all you need to do is to use them!

If you learn these 5 Awesome Python’ Modules then I’ve created a course that will teach you how to use the five modules and most important features you can utilize.


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