6 Tools Every Web Developer Must Have

Having all tools in your box is absolutely crucial to success in your web development project, whether you work as a freelancer or for a company, without having all necessary tools you would waste a lot of time and it would take you forever to finish simple tasks.

In this post, I’m going to provide you with the most important tools that you need to have to work effetely on your web development code.

1. Reliable text editor or IDE

There are tens of text editors out there that you can choose from and I’d say choose the one that you’re comfortable with, the one that you can get the job done for you while you’re happy!

My recommendation as a web developer is to use Sublime which has amazing features, simple to use and it’s free too. Visual Studio code is a great choice too for more complicated web projects. There is also Brackets and Atom and others. Again it’s up to you to choose the one you get comfortable with and at the end of the day it’s a matter of preference.


2. Chrome developer tool

Being able to find errors in your code quickly and debug them is super important for web developers. You don’t have to go through your code line by line, with Chrome developer tool.

It’s a built-in tool in Google Chrome Browser. You can simply access it by (right click then click inspect). And you will be able to check JavaScript errors in the Console tab. On the right side you have the Style tab which will let you edit your CSS code locally (temporarily without being changed in the real code), then if you’re satisfied with your new CSS design you can copy changes into your real code.


3. Postman

This tool will help you test any API. As a web developer you will probably work with API and in order to test them quickly as take a look at the structure, understand it before consuming in your code you can use this amazing tool called Postman. It’s basically for free unless you need extra feature.

It also let you save responses where you can go back and check them. Moreover, you can organize your APIs and check them anytime you want without the need of making calls to APIs over and over again.


4. Sequel Pro Or PhpMyAdmin

If you hate working with the Command lines then this is a great tool to have. It’s simply a GUI tool that will help you navigate through your database, seeing everything with a beautiful GUI rather than working with databases in Command Lines and Terminals. Sequel Pro is like PhpMyAdmin which is indispensable specially if you’re a backend developer who works with MySql.


5. Github Desktop

Uploading your code to a safe place is crucial because you don’t know what is going to happen to your local code in the next day. Always push your code to GitHub to be on the safe side. Not just that but you will be able to update your code and see changes you commit easily with GitHub Desktop.

You can use GitHub Desktop which is available for all operating systems and again you don’t have to work with the command line you can use the GitHub Desktop which is a GUI application.


6. Responsive web design

If you want to see how your web site will look like after you have completed your web design code you can simply use this free service which will show you how responsive your web design code is. It’s called ami.responsivedesign.is which is a great tool specially for web designers who want to make sure their designs work perfectly on all screen sizes.


The bottomline is that there are always awesome tools out their that simplifies your work and drastically decrease time required to finish tasks and without them you would waste a lot of time.


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