Can Python Create Mobile Applications?

Python is one of the best programming languages. There are many reasons for this. And in this post I’m going to answer one of the commonly asked questions. Can Python let me create mobile apps?

Well, the short answer is yes!

But how?

Python is one of few languages that is capable of doing pretty much everything. Python can create web apps, automation, games, computer apps, mobile apps and more. Python provides an outstanding framework called Kivy which let’s you build mobile apps. Kivy is a super powerful framework that uses Python to let developers build apps that work on all devices. So apps built with the help of Kivy can work on Android, iOS, Windows Phones, etc.


What is Great About Python for Apps?

The good news for developers is that you don’t need to write a separate code for each platform. Instead, you write the code once and it just run perfectly on all platforms. And the other advantage is that Python is a relatively easy programming language to learn compared to Java or C++.

Another advantage is that Python is gaining more popularity among start-ups. This gives you the opportunity to get a job in a start-up if you learned how to build mobile apps using Python. Let alone the fact that Python developers are in demand and will continue to be in demand in the next decade. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence that made Python developers in demand.

I’ve writing a blog post about how important it’s to learn Python. Python is needed every where, in all sectors. Just to name a few, In health care, finance, accounting, engineering, data analysis, etc. Even if you don’t use it professionally you can use it to build your own tools and apps. I’ve personally built several tools for myself using Python.


Where to start Learning Python?

Where to start learning Python. Well, my recommendation is to start with my course Python From A to Z. This course is going to build the foundation for you in order to start creating Python scripts comfortably. Then you can move on and learn how to build mobile apps using Python. You can take my course Build Mobile Apps using Kivy where I’ll take you on a journey to build a complete project -mobile app- using Kivy. Most importantly, you will be able to build your own mobile apps on your own using Python after you finish this course.


The bottomline is that Python is a programming language that is really powerful to learn. Whether you want to have a profession career in Python your you want to create your own apps that Python is the way to go.


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