Create Awesome Instagram-Like Android App Using Ionic Framework

113 students

Do you wanna learn how to create Instagram-like app?

Do you wanna master Ionic Framework 3.0 by creating a complete Android app?

Do you wanna intensify your programming skills to get your dream job?

If the answer is “Yes”, then you’re in the right place.

ever wanted to create an application like Instagram? 

ever wondered how do companies like Instagram created such an awesome app? 

well, let me tell you. It’s not that difficult, & guess what? you can too create an Instagram App In Android.

Sounds grate right 🙂

In this course I will use Ionic Framework 3.0  to create Instagram App and you will not just learn how to create UI designs like Instagram but also you will learn how to create code that will implement awesome operations like Follow & Unfollow, Like & Dislike, Add a comment to an Image and much much more!

What you are gonna learn?

  • Create Ui Designs Just Like Instagram
  • Create Login/Register activities that authenticate users
  • Capture image or choose photo from device & upload it to server
  • Search for photos by their captions
  • Make a request to server and get response with data
  • Fetch data from Json Response
  • Write a code that will make Current User Follow/Unfollow others
  • Add a Comment to a specific Image
  • Log a User Out.
  • Write code to Like/Dislike Images
  • Write code to Follow/Unfollow users
  • Write PHP scripts to talk to server ***BONUS***
  • Write MySql statements to Get,Insert,Update & Delete data from database

Not just this but you also will improve your Back-End Skills as you will write a lot of PHP code that talks to your server & gets data back. In addition to enhancing your MySql statement skills as you will write a lot of SQL statements.

Is that course right for me?

well, If you have a good Javascript skills and want to create Android apps without learning new programming languages, then yes!

What is this course gonna add to my skills?

well, It’s gonna make you create a real life app that you can either monetize and upload to Google Play and get profile & It’s gonna add a lot to your resume as you apply to any company or technology firm. It will also take your beginner/Intermediate skills to a higher level as you will have created a complete project in Android.

Why should I take this course?

well, instead of creating apps that will not add much to your portfolio you can now learn to create an Instagram app in Android and Impress either your customers and/or your boss and get a better job in technology companies.

What version of the software or programming language you use in the course?

I will be using Ionic Framework version 3.0 & I will be using PHP for the backend.


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