Kivy | Create Cross-Platform Application Using Python

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Are you a Python developer? Do you want to create smart phone apps that run¬†on Android,iOS & Windows Phones? Are you tired of writing a lot of code for each platform? then you are in the right place ūüôā

In this course we will take you step by step to teach you how to create Smart phone Apps in Python for all platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, Linux & Mac using Kivy library. By the end  of this course you will have created a complete app that runs on all platforms and you will be able to create your own app by using that tools that have been taught throughout this course.

Kivy is a python library that gives you both the power of creating cross platform applications and beautiful & attractive UI all that with Python code so you will not need to learn Java/Kotlin to create Only Android apps or Swift to create only iOS apps. But you will write only one simple code that runs on all platforms so you will save your time and effort.

Moreover, we will go through Kivy documentation and we will the most important features of it.

Here is some of the topics included in this course:

Design UI using Kivy Layouts

Create widgets like buttons,labels,text view, text inputs and more

Modify button colors

Add event listener for buttons & inputs

Create Http requests

Design app classes & objects

Create dynamic classes

Create JSON storage

Create Popup windows

Delete JSON storage

Display date on app

and much more!

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