Front End Web Developer VS Back End Web Developer

 Back in the day web development was a job of one person who does everything, the front end as well as the back end. It might sound difficult these days but in the past there few were frameworks and libraries compared to what we have today. So the work of frond end was so easy, there was no need to hire a web developer to work only on the front end. But now technologies developed and there are lots of things to do in the front end, hence, the need for front end developers increased.


So what does a front end web developer do?

Well, as the title suggests, he or she works on the front end of the website. In technical words, he or she works with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and any front end library or framework used in the project like Angular, React, JQuery, etc. Some projects require the front end developer to have little knowledge in design software like Photoshop. The need for front end web developers increased massively in the last few years. If you go on job board websites like and LinkedIn you will find thousands of front end developer jobs.

So now that we know what a front end developer does, let’s shift gears towards back end web developer.

What does a back end web developer do?

You might have already guessed it. A back end web developer takes care of anything related to the back end of the website. Anything that is behind the scene, so to speak. In technical words, he or she works with databases, authentication, APIs, back end libraries and frameworks and technologies such as .NET, Laravel, Zend, Django, Ruby on Rails, etc.

Which one to choose?

These days some companies want programmers who know both front end and back end web development, and they call them Full-Stack web developers. I personally, would not suggest being a Full-Stack Web Developer. The reason is that both sides, the front end and the back end are improving every day and new technologies come out regularly which will make it very difficult to master all these things. Instead, it’s much better to specialize in one side, even specialize in a framework, for example Angular or Django or Laravel (Create E-Commerce Website in Laravel) That way you’re increasing your chances of being hired, because companies want experts not people who know everything. Companies that look for Full-Stack web developers usually would not want to hire many developers and spend a lot of money. Therefore, they hire only one developer who does everything.

In my opinion, the only reason you want to become a full-stack web developer is if you want to work with startups. Lots of startups don’t have a huge budget to hire a team of software developers. They would instead hire only one who does everything. And you can work with multiple startups to get fat checks every month. But again you have to be strategic and know exactly what you want in order not to waste your time.


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