How to create mobile apps with python?

Python is the easiest programming language to learn and has the most elegant in terms of syntax which makes it very simple for you to understand the code. Even if the code is to complicated and long, if it was written in Python then you will spend less time trying to understand it. With that being said, if you want to create a mobile app for Android or iOS then you don’t have to learn Java or Swift anymore.


Guess what? You can create mobile applications that work on Android and iOS using a Python framework called Kivy. With this framework Kivy, you will be able to create a complete mobile application that runs on almost all platforms. Moreover, if you use Python to create your mobile application, you will notice how fast it is to create a complete mobile application compared to Java, Kotlin or Swift.


You can learn all you need to know to create a complete mobile application using Python by taking my course Kivy – Cross Platform Applications in which I teach you the basics as well as the most important concepts needed to create your mobile application.


The first advantage of using Python to build mobile applications is that you would not need to learn a new programming language, instead, you can intensify your Python programming skills by created a complete app with it. The second advantage is that it is super-fast to create a complete mobile app and test it. Unlike testing with Android Studio, for example, which takes forever!


Some would argue that creating mobile applications with programming languages other than Java, Kotlitn for Android and swift for iOS the performance will be terrible. That actually is not completely true. The first reason is that mobile applications nowadays are super-fast anyways as is the internet –if the app uses the internet- which means that users would not even notice the difference.


The second reason is that the application should be very very complicated in order for the user to notice any difference in terms of performance. Ironically, did you know that lots of mobile apps that you are already using are built with languages other than Java, Kotlin and Swift? And I’m sure you did not notice a huge difference in performance. For example, one of McDonalds’ apps was developed using Ionic Framework.


The only disadvantage is if the mobile app is very complicated. In that case you might want to consider using Java, Kotlin for Android and Swift for iOS. So the bottom line is that performance is important for mobile applications but it’s unnoticeable because of the great capabilities of most of smartphones these days.

As a freelance developer you always need to pick out the option that you find appropriate to you because at the end of the day you’re the one who is going to work on the project. Your customers and clients don’t care about which programming language you used. The only thing that your clients are interested in is the result. If your code doesn’t work for some reason, your client be obviously frustrated and disappointed. Therefore, it’s so important for you to pick out the programming language you feel comfortable using and debugging alike.

Finally, many companies these days started to use this option -Python for Mobile App- instead of using native languages. That way they save time and money.


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