How to get a programming job even if you have no experience?

 Finding jobs as a programmer can be difficult specially if you have no experience. That being said, you actually can get hired easier than you think. However, it requires thinking out of the box and as people say “selling your skills”.


In this article, I’m going to provide tips and tricks that will definitely get you hired. It might take time but eventually with these strategies you will get your foot in the door. So let’s get started and waste no time.


     1. Focus on your specialization

Start searching in the field that you really know the most about. For example, if you know React Library very well then you need to search for jobs that say “React developer or React Front End Developer”. Never apply for an irrelevant job. And that takes us to an extremely important point which is that you need to specialize in a field don’t learn everything just focus on one thing.


    2. Build your portfolio

It’s crucial to have a list of complete projects that you have created yourself. Companies and business want people who will get the job done for them, so they hire those who have created similar projects in the past. I’d say, build at least three high quality projects and add them to your portfolio. For example, if you’re an iOS app developer then build two to three mobile applications and upload them to App Store. That way you will gain trust.

Note: NEVER get a code from GitHub and say that you have created it and never steal somebody else’s code and say you have created it. If you do so you will ruin your reputation and will be exposed sooner or later.


3. Build your own blog

Create a blog about your specialty. For example, say you’re an Android developer then you can create a blog writing about your thoughts, knowledge and the latest in the field and when you apply you can write down the name of your blog in your CV.

You can get a FREE domain from Bluehost on any hosting plan and start creating articles. I’d suggest writing about 4 articles a week. Remember quality is better than quantity.


4. Search for local businesses

When you look for a job in programming search locally in your city don’t go for other cities or internationally if you have no experience. Get to business by phone or email and write a professional email applying for the job that they currently have. You can even go to the company and meet with the HR. Check with them every few days. Don’t worry you are not bothering them (This is the way it works).

5. Search for small businesses

You don’t have to apply for jobs in big corporation where the competition is vey high specially if you have no experience, instead, you can start searching for small businesses in your area and ask them if they want “Android developer, web developer, data analyst, etc.”


6. Take the initiative

Lots of small business don’t need programmers, however, you can still work with them. How? Well, start approaching business differently. Don’t talk to them about your needs, instead, talk about their needs. What does all small business need? They actually need to get more customers and make more money that’s it. Then if you’re an Android developer tell them that you will build an app for their business that will get them more customers by providing customers easier services through the app or something like that.

If you’re a data scientist, you can tell them that you will analysis their data and provide them profound analysis that will help them get more customers.

In conclusion, you have to think outside the box and take in terms of their benefits not yours. That’s the secret to get a job in any company. Again it requires taking action as well as consistently. Never be frustrated if you get rejected multiple time you have to continue and trust me eventually it’s going to work.


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