How to Start a Blog as a Programmer?

Blogging is a great way to get legitimacy and show your knowledge to companies as well as clients. When you apply for a regular job or as a freelancer, it would be better to show your skills upfront by including your blog in your CV. That way you’re sending kind of an implicit message to clients and companies that you have strong skills and know what you’re doing.

But what are the steps you need in order to pan out in blogging as programmer? well, let me walk you through the steps you absolutely need:


1. Specific topic

Before you start blogging, you need to have a specific specialization. You cannot just blog about everything because that will distract you first as well as the company that you applying for. They will not be able to determine exactly what is it that you are expert at.

Companies and clients need a programmer who has specific knowledge to get a specific job done. They don’t care how many programming languages you know. Therefore, it’s important to blog about one thing. For example you can blog about an area of expertise such Android development. Or a specific programming language, say, PHP for example. Or you can narrow down and blog about a framework such as Laravel.


2. Get a domain

 It’s always important to have a domain with your name that includes all of the projects that you’ve worked on in the past. Along with the domain you can have host your blog. The good news is that getting a domain and a hosting service is very cheap and simple. I’d recommend using BlueHost as it will give you a discount and they also have a great customer service in case you have any issue with the service.

So the domain is better registered with your name, for example: 


3. Be Consistent

 You’ve got to be consistent with your content. I’d not say write a blog post every day because firstly it’s difficult and secondly you need to have value in your blog posts not just writing things that are useless. So having only 3 blog posts with great value each week is way better than having a blog post everyday with crappy content.


4. Never cheat

Never copy content from other blogs. Firstly it’s unethical. Secondly, you will lose your reputation sooner or later. And finally search engines such as Google have advanced algorithms that will detect that you’re stealing content, and will penalize you for that by not displaying your content in their search engine, hence nobody will be able to reach your content. Hence, you’d be wasting your time.


5. A way to master your specialization

Writing blog posts will enhance you to learn more about your programming specialization and get better at it. Let’s say your Android developer. If you write a blog post every week about how to create an app, after a few weeks you will have improved your skills in Android development as well as writing. Because you will have done lots of coding, searching, reading documents, etc.

In conclusion, having your own blog will add a lot of value to you in the programming market expedite your employment.



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