How to Start Working Online as a Developer

In this blog post I’m going to help you how to find a job online as a developer or programmer as some prefer to be called “programmers!”. You actually have a lot of opportunities online more that you think, and thanks to the internet. One of the reasons why you would want to work online is that it gives the freedom of location. You don’t have to commute to work everyday, instead you can start off you PC and work anytime you want.

1. Your Specialization

The first step is to specialize in something. For example you can be a Backend Web Developer or Android Developer or you can even specialize in a Framework such as Laravel. You get the idea. Remember that if you don’t pick out a specialization then you’re setting yourself up for failure. The reason is that you cannot serve everybody, and you won’t be appealing to anyone. It might sound paradoxical but it’s true. You don’t have to be an expert in the area but you have to have the knowledge and skills that will let you work comfortably. And you will learn more as you create more advanced projects.


2. Build a portfolio

When you apply you need to apply with  a portfolio that contains a collection of projects that you have worked on. This is super important as employers what to know how capable you are with what you do. Also it gives that a sample of what you could build for them. Moreover, your portfolio has to contain genuine information and projects that you really created yourself. NEVER cheat, because if you do then it would first ruin your reputation and you would be exposed sooner than you think. Therefore, be authentic so that you get a long term relationship with that startup and you will get the possibility to grow and charge a big chunk of change for each hour you work!

The best way to display your projects so that employers check them out it through having a personal website. So it’s important to get a website with your name like for example if your name is John Brown then get a website: www. johnbrown. com  And if the name is not available then you can get a creative name such as www. or www. MrProgrammer. com.

I would recommend using BlueHost to register a domain with your name and display your projects in it. You can get a FREE Domain if you pick a hosting plan using this link BlueHost. That way you will look professional and employers will trust you and they’ll know what you are doing.


3. Start with People you Know

Once you have a domain with your portfolio. I’d highly recommend starting with people you already know. for example you can start with your friends and family members. Ask them if they need, for example, if you’re a web developer, as website. Lots of people need a website build these days. And by the way, don’t wait for other people to ask you, instead, take the initiate and open up your contact list and start contacting people you know. Don’t worry, if you get rejected then it’s fine, just move on to the next contact and so on. Trust me if you do this you will eventually end up being hired. It might not be today, however, you’re drawing a picture in people’s minds that you’re a developer and you build websites so they might contact you later or refer you to their friends.


4. Actively Apply (Freelance websites)

There is no magic in the world, if you want to get hired as a freelance programmer, you have to look for jobs and projects and apply. Even if you work with friends and family, at some point you will need to grow bigger. Thanks to the internet, many websites now can help you find projects and clients that need help from programmers just like you. You can find them on freelance websites like,,, many more. Also you can look for local businesses in your city, reach out to them, find out what they need and offer your services. Remember that you will get rejected a lot, either online or offline. The key is to find out what you did wrong and avoid it, and try a different approach by discussing their needs NOT yours. This way you will get a higher chance of being accepted.

These were the main steps you have to follow in order to start your career as a freelance programmer in any tech are where I be web development, UI design, Android development, iOS development, etc.


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