If you know Python!

There are many programming languages out there. Some were created to accomplish a specific goal such as PHP, a web based programming language, which was created to live on the server and create web apps, APIs, ecommerce stores (Build e-commerce website using PHP), etc. PHP, for example, cannot help you create mobile apps, and not perfect for the field of data science either. But did you know that there is a programming language that can do literally anything and every thing!


Well, if you still don’t know which programming language is it, which I doubt, it’s Python. Yes, Python is a super powerful programming language that is capable of doing anything you can ever image. It can let you create web apps using Django and Flask (Learn Flask by Build Movie Search Engine). It’s also capable of building Mobile Apps using Python’s Kivy, data science projects using Tensorflow, desktop apps Tkinter, ethical hacking tools, and much more.


When it comes to its limitations, there is no limitations to what it can accomplish. This might sound too good to be true but it’s true.


You might be wondering now, if Python is capable of doing everything why other languages are still being used?

Well, this is a fantastic question because the answer will definitely help you see the big picture of programming languages, not to mention, it will also make you able to pick out the ideal programming language for your future projects.

The answer is that Python is not number one in all areas. For example, if you wanted to create a mobile app it’s easier to build it using Google’s Android Studio with Java, or even Ionic Framework. The reason is because the community and support of these tools and frameworks is huge and you will pretty much have every question answered. Moreover, whenever you run into programming problems (bugs) you will always find solutions out there. Having said that, Python is also a good choice if you, for example, want to stick to a one programming language for all of your projects, but the price is that you’re going to probably spend more time debugging your projects due to lack of support and reliance on your knowledge and your team’s knowledge. So you’ve got to rely on yourself a bit more if you decided to pick Python as your official programming language for something that is not quite known for.

However, Python is arguably the language of the future. In almost all advanced applications such as mobile apps, web apps, e-commerce apps, Python is being used to make apps so smart. You have definitely noticed that if you used for example Amazon. When you click on a product, other products would be recommended for you. That can be done using the power of artificial intelligence, and what programming language is better than Python to accomplish that!

That being said, learning Python is not just going to limit you to build simple projects, instead, it’s going to open up the door of opportunities wildly to you as the world that we currently live in is shifting towards the power of artificial intelligence and it would be a shame to waste this opportunity specially when you’ve already known that it’s available and you can take it.

The bottom-line is that if you master Python then you can build any project you want with the most programmer-friendly language on earth.




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