The Simplest Way to Freelance Online as a Programmer

In this blog post I’m going to reveal one of the simplest ways to make income online as a programmer. As a programmer, you actually have lots of options to make money. The reason is that programmers don’t need to be at a specific location to work and don’t need a regular face to face interaction with others, they can interact online either with their boss, clients and colleagues.


1. The idea

With that being said, it’s great to take advantage of working from your computer. Let me explain. As a programmer you can create tools that would help other people’s life easier. But how would you do so? Well, you can start creating tools that people need. For example, creating a website to let web designers choose colors easier. Check out this website

This website lets you get the CSS color code quickly and easy, how they make money? Well, they display ads.

I’m not saying to go ahead and do exactly like them. No, find your own ideas. And trust me ideas are endless. Don’t come up with a complicated idea, and don’t overthink it. Make it simple.

So the first step is Come up with a simple idea (online tool)



2. Domain & hosting service

Secondly get a web domain and hosting account. Once you come up with an idea get a domain name, example, the domain name should make people know what it is all about. In the previous example they use, so once I read it I pretty much have an idea about what is in this website.

Then create your code, whether you use PHP, python, JavaScript. It does not matter, use the language that you are comfortable with or outsource the project.

Then  get a hosting service. And I would highly recommend BlueHost as they have a great tools, and customer support. I used many web hosting services before and BlueHost is one of the best. It’s very simple to use, and the customer support is very quick where if something happens they fix they issue quickly so that you don’t lose customers. Alternatively, you can use iPage which is another great affordable service (Get FREE iPage Domain)


(This is BlueHost cPanel)


3. Inform your friends and the targeted community

Now once your project is up and running, you need users to go to your website so that you get traffic. The simplest way to get free traffic is to inform your friends and people you know about the service that you provide (website). You can also head over to social media and let people know about it. Say the service that you create lets users see Airport amenity reviews, then go to travel groups on Facebook and create posts on Instagram, etc.


(Use Facebook bar to search for groups related to your website)


6. Sell Your Service

Now you can sell your service by simply following the so called freemium business form. You can let users use your service for free but with a limit and if they want to unlock amazing features then they have to buy them. That way you can have lots of customers and those who use your free plan can always be encouraged to buy your extra feature. Of course this requires marketing skills but they can be learned.


5. Apply for Google AdSense (Alternative)

An alternative method to monetize your tools is to use Google AdSense. Once you have good traffic, you can apply to display ads on your website. There are many ads networks but the best one so far is Google AdSense. Go to google AdSense and apply to display ads. Please know that it takes time to be approved into the earning program therefore apply as soon as you get some traffic to your website.

In conclusion, finding an idea is they key and remember it can be very simple and ridiculous. Don’t overthink it, just think outside of the box and think of ideas that will have potential customers. You can also get my FREE e-book on How to Become a Professional Freelance Programmer if you prefer this path.


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