Which programming language should you learn?

A lot of people, especially new programmers, ask me, which programming language should I learn. This is an extremely interesting question because there are now lot of programming languages and libraries out there that you can start using. Let me focus now on answering this question.

The answer to this question depends on several factors. I cannot just say go learn Java or Ruby, or whatever. The first and most important factor is

1. Which specialization do you want?

Each programming language is superior in a specific field. For example, If you want to become Android Developer then you would not want learn Swift, it does not make any sense. Instead you would want to learn Java or Kotlin because these two language are the ones that make Android Apps!

If you want to become a data scientist then don’t think twice, just pick Python as your official language. If you want to become a web developer then there are many options. You have PHP, Java, Python, Javascript and others as well.

2. Language Community

How big and interactive the community of this language, especially if you are a new developer, because while you are learning you will probably face many scenarios where you’re completely stuck and you need help. The best and fastest help you could get is from language community. These people will absolutely help you fast and most of them are more experienced than you.

As a programmer, you would need help from others and other would need help from you. Having a community around is so important as it’s going to save you a massive amount of time that would be lost otherwise is search for help and who know you might not even get it quickly.

3. What the market needs

What is the programming language that employers need these days? Say you want to become Android developer, then if you search online you will find that lots of employers need Kotlin developers these days. Therefore, it’s good to learn it now. And it will be easy if you already know Java (Create Instagram-Like app in Android).

The market changes rapidly, however, well established programming language don’t get affected too much by what’s going on. They could get affected after a very long time. So my recommendation is that you should need to pay attention to the popularity of the programming language that you chose for yourself every day! it just doesn’t make sense.


4. Freelancer or normal employee

If you want to become a freelancer, then I would highly suggest doing a research on freelance websites in order to find out which programming language in your area of expertise is in demand. That of course in case you’re new to programming. If you’re not then just work with the programming language that you already know because it’s just going save you a lot of time

Finally, let me end with this, if you know programming concepts very well, you will be able to learn any programming language very fast because most of them have tons of things in common. So it should not be a dilemma for you if you have a strong understand of the language.


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