Why Most Programmers Fail to Get a Freelance Job?

Many programers would love to quit their jobs for a freelance position where they ca work from anywhere and have that freedom that everyone seems to want. However, when they attempt to get into the freelance world they fail and think that it’s not possible. Nevertheless they are usually doing one or more of the mistakes that I’m going to mention in this post. So grab your favorite beverage and keep reading to find out about these mistakes and avoid them.

1.Not Having a Portfolio

Some programmers apply for freelance projects and jobs without showing some of the projects that they have worked on. That is absolutely a big mistake because they’re not giving the person or company they wan t to work for any prove of their experiences and skills. If you put your self in the companies shoes then you absolutely need to know about the programmer you want to hire, how skilled they are, what they can do. If you want to learn more about how to build a portfolio, please refer to this post where I explain extensively about it .


2. Not picking a specialization

Many programmers apply for freelance positions randomly without any focus on a specific area. Programming is a big field and in order to get a job as a freelancer then you have to specialize and concentrate one area, for example, React JS or Laravel. That way you’re sending the recruiter a hidden message that you’re expert in this field. This is also going to make your job easier when applying as you’re going to focus on searching for a specific position rather that getting confused and overwhelmed by the tons of jobs out there that might not suit you.

If you want to specialize in one area I’d highly taking one of there courses:

Python: Build a Chatbot using Python

Laravel (PHP) : Build a Voting system using PHP

React (Javascript): Create a Complete Web App using React


3. Not Tapping Into Their Network

If you don’t use your network you’re missing out on a lot. By just opposing up your phone contacts, you will find that you know a lot of people whom you can take to and whom they can hire you to do some kind of programming job and from there you can expand. Many programmers avoid their contact list which is a terrible mistake. I would always make that mistake, usually I totally forget about my contact list or I just assure that no one from my contact list would want any programmer service from what I provide. However, this assumption undermined my opportunities to get a freelance job for a while until I realized I have been doing this mistake.


4. They Just Quit!

Getting a job whether it be a freelancer job or regular job requires persistence and patience and unfortunately most of us don’t have this patience, we just want to get what we want now.  Don’t let “Quit” be an option. Instead have a daily, weekly plan for applying for a freelance job/project , of course after you have followed all necessary steps you need, please read this post about How to Start Freelancing as a Programmer.


The bottomline is that you need to follow the necessary steps correct strategy to get a freelance job and of course you have to avert all the mistakes I mentioned in this post. That way I guarantee you will eventually get your first freelance project.




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