Why your programming skills are not improving?

Lots of programmers started learning programming a few years ago yet they find that their skills are not improving. In other words, they reached to a point where they cannot do things beyond what they already know. It’s extremely frustrating to feel that you are still not expert at what you are doing. Let me break down the reasons why lots of programmers are not improving


  • They don’t write the code themselves

Lots of programmer’s watch video tutorials, however, they don’t apply what they learn. And they is simply a waste of time. Because programming is like being in medical school if you don’t apply what you learn, what you learnt will have no value.


  • They stop learning

In programming there are always new technologies, frameworks and libraries. You always have to inform yourself with these technologies so that you don’t get left behind. I remember when I started learning JavaScript, there was only few library, there were no React, Angular, Vue, etc. And now the market is full of lots of frameworks/libraries and the majority of companies now use these technologies instead on Vanilla JS. Therefore, if you don’t keep informing yourself with the largest technologies you will not improve your skills.


  • They don’t create complex apps

Learning a programming language is very similar to learning a human language like Spanish or French. If you want to learn Spanish you will start with the basics then you will move on to more complex language structures and if you stop you will never improve you will probably be able to say a few greeting words and phrases like “hola”, “que tal?” but how is that useful? It will not let you communicate and covey your message clearly. That’s exactly what happens with programming language learners. They stop at a point where what they have learnt will be useless unless they continue. Hence, improving their skills stops as well. By the way, If you want to create real complex projects check my courses



  • They don’t pick a specialization

Yes, this might shock you but it’s true. There must be an area of specialization picked otherwise you will keep hopping on and off between languages and you will not master any of them. Lots of new programmers start leaning a new language or framework one it emerges, actually this is a waste of time and will not increase the chances of you being employed. Employers look for experts in a specific language or framework not people who learn a little from each technology. Therefore, it’s crucial to specialize in order to improve your skills. And guess what? If you master a framework it will be much easier for you learn another –if it’s a must- and the chances of being employed will increase as well.


In conclusion, the difference between amateurs and real programmers is that real programmers don’t fall in those pitfalls mentioned above. Avoid these pitfalls and you will find a huge improvement in your programming skills.


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